The tradition continues

Secret Santa started as a tradition sometime back and continued to happen this time too. A added an additional rule that each recipient should guess from whom the gift has come.

Last Thursday we distributed the chits among ourselves and agreed to be ready with the gifts by Saturday.

Saturday evening, each of us pasted the chit containing the name of our recipient onto the gift and dropped it in a cover. Eldest to youngest, each of us picked our gift and then did the guesswork.

A gifted FIL a handmade camera keychain made of polymer clay, a handmade cushion for the camera and a small card !

V gifted MIL an alarm clock !

MIL gifted V homemade Gulab Jamun !

SIL gifted me a bracelet and a pair of earrings !

FIL gifted SIL the set of oil pastels !

I gifted A a diary fully covered with fur !

Merry Christmas 😊

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