Current craze

Combined current craze of V and me is all about soaps.

Barring the regular soaps used at home, we want to try out all other fragrances.

Until recently, SIL, A and me used to visit Sacred space every Sunday for our dance class. It’s an unfortunate thing that our teacher decided to take a break and our dance classes were sadly put to an abrupt end. Coming back to the subject, one of our favourite pastime on such days at the end of the class would be to shop for different kinds of soaps.

On our trip to Vaishno Devi temple, we had good amount of time on our hand at Jammu airport. And guess what did we shop ? Soaps of varied fragrances, Kashmiri tulips, shea butter et al.

Under the influence of V’s new colleague, V joined a week long workshop by Isha, Inner Engineering. And at the stalls they had put up, V made it a point to buy some of their soaps with fragrances like clove.

At every store that we visit for any purpose, I involuntarily keep looking for any different kind of soaps.

We ran almost to the end of these soaps with varied ingredients and I can’t stop thinking about where to shop next ?

Do you try any different soaps ? Have you got any recommendations for us ? We would be glad to try those 😊

4 thoughts on “Current craze

  1. Happy New Year,S πŸ™‚ I can totally understand this craze. I used to be like this sometime ago, even now the craziness has not stopped,just mellowed a bit. I remember starting with soaps from burstofhappyness then have tried Areev,Need, from another soapmaker from Delhi(how I got to find her,can’t remember),do Bandar , fab India soaps(they rank the worst of all, but this was at least 4 years ago..not sure if they are better now) and now sticking to Suchis soaps (from Bangalore). Once you start using handmade ones,it’s difficult to go back to store ones,isn’t it. Enjoy. And let you know if you find something that’s nice and still doesn’t put a big hole in the pocket.
    In the name of handmade, many put a huge price tag on them and initially I thought since it’s handmade,it’s expensive. But, after having used so many brands, cant see how and why some are way above the average price range.
    Sorry,took up lots of your space.

    • Happy New Year Ramya 😊 Wow… thanks for sharing so much of information.. will definitely try your suggestions… you are most welcome 😊 Yes, I too come across some soaps with too high a price and I just ignore them…
      Sure, will let you know if we find something good !!

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