Some of the many things 

That are beyond my comprehension are :

1. V’s combing

My brain comprehends a person combing one’s hair, while getting ready or before going out or before getting out of one’s room after waking up or something of that sort. But apart from all the above instances, V combs his hair before brushing, before going to the bathroom, before doing anything and even before going to sleep. I just can’t understand why he would have to comb his hair before sleeping too ?? Am I the only one who’s finding this strange 🤔🤔

2. Genders for things 

All my childhood, I had trouble trying to figure out the masculine “Ka” and feminine “ki” of Hindi for things like kitaab and pustak. Why should things have these gender differences except for the sole aim of torturing me to memorise them 😟 As if that wasn’t enough for a life time,  a new similar phase has started. A started learning French as her second language at school, and the language has got “la” and “le”. Same question again , why do things like cheese, wine and so on and on have to have these gender differences 😩

3. The Devil Wears Prada 

I read somewhere that this book is a light read and a nice one to pick. I read and read, trying not to lose the interest, hoping I would like the book, till the end. I finished the book but I couldn’t understand why the protagonist did what she did and why I had put some much effort in completing the book when it just wasn’t my type 🤔


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