Nine years !

Nine full years have gone by from the time you were born little A .

I have been thinking about what to write to you on this Birthday of yours for the last couple of days. And then yesterday while putting you to sleep, something happened. You hugged me all of a sudden, and the hug didn’t feel like the usual one, like it came out of a thought, a silent one. And then you said something like this : 

Amma, I want to thank God for something, for giving me a sweet Amma like this. Or I want to thank Ammamma for having you because of which you could have me. Or Ammamma’s mother. Or I just want to thank God for the entire flow, because of which I could have you as my mother ! “

You are just nine my little one, but you are crystal clear in expressing your feelings. I don’t know what triggered you to say this, but I just wish your love remains so forever.

There are times I deny you things, but it’s only in the best interests of you, as thought by any mother. 

There are times I shout at you, but it’s only to make you realise what’s acceptable and what’s not. 

There are times I make a wrong judgement, sometimes I realise immediately, sometimes little later, and sometimes not for a very long time, but am learning, and steadily. 

There are inputs that I take from multiple sources and in all the whirlwind of information, sometimes I may go astray, but stay assured, am going to come back to the right track. 

There are times, when my stress comes out on you, but that’s very much under correction.

Dear A, you are a beautiful blessing that I have to thank God for, on each day that passes by. Like every time, I wish you happy, healthy and blissful times. Pursue your dreams. Stay grounded. Have empathy. Make everyone around you as happy as you can. 

Meanwhile, I’ll try to deliver my best to be a perfect mother to a darling daughter. Stay blessed !!
Happy Birthday !!

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