Our Valentines Day

 This was how our Valentines Day celebration was. 
Wondering what on earth this is all about ? Read on…

The weekend before Valentines Day, A asked us details about it and we provided her the gyaan that it’s a day to be celebrated with the one you like / love. After a while, she expressed her disappointment about how she doesn’t have pocket money unlike some of her friends and because of which she can’t buy anything to surprise anyone. We passed on some more gyaan that each home has it’s own style of working and offered her a ingenious solution that she could surprise anyone in the family with the help of the rest of the family. Like she could surprise grandparents with the help of parents and vice-versa. But she pointed out one loophole where this solution wouldn’t work out when she wanted to surprise everyone at a time. To which we racked our brains again and suggested that in such exceptional cases, she could use my help. Our conversation ended here.
At the end of the day, A asked me “Amma, can I please have 10 or 20 Rs ? “. I stopped my heart from melting out on such request, with great difficulty, and asked her how much she wanted. She said she wanted a maximum of 20 Rs(she still doesn’t know how to use the words minimum and maximum correctly). I asked her to collect the money from her grandmother the next day after school. She collected the money, went to the shop downstairs and bought Lays and Dairy Milk. My FIL did his share of help by bringing her chocolate covered cashews and handed over to her secretly. A took her aunt’s help in choosing the hide outs and made sure that they remain a surprise.

And on the big day, she had asked V to come home soon and with unstoppable excitement, she had arranged this mini-party !
Am moved by every move of yours that expresses your love for everyone around you. Stay blessed my baby πŸ™‚

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