A late but sweet discovery

 Lately, Geronimo Stilton is the only series that’s taking the trips to home from the library. On the mission of finding one more series before the current one gets exhausted, I stumbled upon Captain Underpants series. The introduction seemed promising enough to try it out.
I laid my hands for the first time on them, when we were looking out to buy a gift for a kid of V’s friend. I liked it immediately and we got one of them for that kid. Next, I made use of the opportunity of choosing Christmas gift for A, by picking one from this series.

A absolutely loved it and I said to myself “Better late than never !”
p.s. The surprise that A gave me was that she had already heard about this series from couple of her friends ! So it was me who got late in discovering it !

1 thought on “A late but sweet discovery

  1. nice.. Adi is not coming to library anymore.. she just picks books from her school library and I have no clue as what she is reading.. I choose books for the boy though 🙂 We make a trip to library once a month and I love that trip with him..

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