The war has been declared !

We became the victims of their atrocities 
We failed how much ever we fought against them 

Our weapons seemed to be useless in front of them 

The enemy was merciless, not caring for age, gender, not considered if the opponent is armed or not 

The nights became sleepless and the days became energy deprived because of the heart less enemy 

We had waited for long as the sufferers at their hands 

And then, that final string has been pulled, the revolution has begun and the war has been declared on the enemy. The enemy, the army of mosquitoes, that has been attacking us in the nights , by flying royally through the gaps in the windows, inspite of our equipment of mosquito bats, good night mats, all-out and all, is now seeing the stronger, tougher fort.

Yes, we have replaced all our old windows with the new shiny sliding ones, with mosquito nets adjoining them. Now, with a challenging smile on our faces, we stand at the windows and say out “Let’s see how you are gonna enter our fort ?”

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