It hit us now 

After a long, long time !

The demonitisation somehow didn’t have a very big impact till now on us, as we had support from everyone around us. We got some change from father, some from FIL and some from other relatives, and some from the change buried in different places at home. So we managed to survive with all these change and with some cashless transactions. Until yesterday….

Last night, V and I went out to watch late night show Dear Zindagi after having dinner at home, and V carried very little money, some 100+ rupees and card which was supposed to be used for any transaction we would need. The Interval had come and my mood shifted to munch on some popcorn, some nachos et al. So very dutifully, both of us joined the line and started formulating the list of what to buy, and it was then we were told that they were not accepting cards and were accepting only cash. I just couldn’t believe it. There was cash in every one’s hands, there were all types of snacks every where, I seriously wanted to munch on some thing, watching that nice movie, the salary got credited just that day, it was the Friday night, which means  we could afford to sleep late and get up late, but still we couldn’t buy anything, not a single thing at that point 😔

We watched the rest of the movie with out buying anything and as soon as the movie ended, we drove upon all the adjacent roads, hoping to hit some place which could serve us some snack with the 100 rupees (that was left after paying for the parking fees) or the card we had. Finally we found a small bandi on one of the roads, which was serving just Idli and Dosa. We asked for two Dosas, costing us 60 rupees. And then those piping hot buttery Dosas that we had at around 2 in the night , finally satisfied that craving in me 😊

Though everyone of us is being affected by the demonitisation, I hope it is a good move in the better interests of the nation  !

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