What’s happening over here

Is something along the lines below :

  • November no-shave is what seems to be the motto currently going on in V’s mind. Initially I was very much reluctant to the idea, but when V said he wanted some change to the otherwise regular routine , I couldn’t say no. But deep in the heart, I wonder why can’t he choose something else , some thing nicer, to add that much needed change to the routine ?? Why this beard, I say ??
  • Can you keep a secret and Twenties girl by Sophie Kinsella are the ones that I competed recently and I am still basking in those thoughts. Most of her works find me flipping through the initial pages, for a couple of chapters , and then some where in the middle see me utterly glued , wanting to reach to the end of the book and not wanting the beautiful feelings to end.
  • For a person like me, who wants to learn a lot, explore diverse areas, but can’t stick to a discipline or structure, and so have failed to make right use of Coursera, something else opened up like a boon. It was here that I learnt about Highbrow and I find it so cool. I love the concept, each course, over 10 e-mails, each a day, taking 5 minutes of every day, and then you are ready to move on to the next course. Sounds good, right !
  • This Diwali was celebrated in a very eco-friendly way, as we  bought nothing other than the sky lanterns. We indulged ourselves mostly with the flowers, colours or Rangolis.


2 thoughts on “What’s happening over here

  1. Sophie Kinsella !! I have been hearing about her book in so many blogs.. Time to read a book from this author.. Any suggestion on which one to start with?

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