The week that has gone by in pics

Green has made a re-entry into our home after a long hiatus. Luckily, we spotted a nursery close to home, which housed a decent variety of everything, and that should keep us going !

Origami is one thing that gives me goosebumps. I can’t get it right most of the times. With the origami competition at school the next day for A, and me stuck at office late than the usual, and nothing ready which I can teach A instantly, V came to the rescue. They watched together some videos, and V taught her the making of a bird. Looking at all the birds and a happy A when I came back from office, I now know the go to person now, for any Origami task of A 😊

I hopped lots of websites, considered lots of children magazines, and then finally zeroed in on the age old, tested one ! Our first issue after subscription has come and hope the long pending decision keeps A interested in it.

Inspired by the rangoli at office, I went ahead with a friend and bought these stencils, which were on the pending list for a long time. A sounds quite excited to use them today !

Floating flower diya made by A, inspired from Champak 😊

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