That’s just how A is !

1. When visiting temples, I casually mentioned to A that we don’t sit with our backs facing the Almighty, saying that’s a sign of respect towards the God. From that day to this day, there has been one dialogue that comes out from A at times, which just makes me laugh out loud. When I try to put A to sleep, both of us lying side by side, after a while, at the time when she wants to turn to the other side, she says to me with a grave expression that she’s feeling sorry for having to do that. When I ask what’s the big deal about that is, the logic she gives me is “Mother is God, and we shouldn’t have our back facing God, so I shouldn’t sleep with my back facing you “. I couldn’t help laughing to myself with her logic πŸ˜€

2. Last week, when I was down with severe cold, and I was wishing A good night to have my dinner, this is what she said :

  • Amma, have a balanced diet so that your body will have the strength to fight the cold.
  • Amma, have some hot milk as soon as you get up in the morning tomorrow 
  • Amma, also have some ajwain with hot rice

3. Couple of days back, when V’s sis was pressing out some dress, MIL was around there and her palm got in contact with the iron box for a split second and a tiny blister formed at one place. Since it was little small, she stayed on with out attending to it, but A ran out, got some cold water from the fridge in a bowl, made MIL put her hand in the bowl of water and then moved off to her work.

Dear A, I sometimes wonder to myself at how big my little girl thinks, at all that love and concern that’s in you, and at the beautiful blessing that you are !

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