Food that has travelled miles 

Or rather kilometres is now making its way into our tummies 😊

As always, we are on the lookout for foods, that are new or different or something beyond the regular. And then, we came across these. After reading about this, V tried to get that stuff from Bangalore and so V’s sis went on the lookout for the same. She gave up after a while and we too forgot about it.

And then couple of weeks earlier, quite unexpectedly, she found the stuff we were looking for and got hold of them immediately.

She got them here to Hyderabad two days back and we are now ticking them off the list, as we direct them into our dear tummies.

It just feels nice to make some notes of foods to be tried out, have them, tick them off and go for looking out for more such ones 😊

Have a great weekend !

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