My take away

 After my obsession towards the Shopaholic series, I made a note of reading other works of Sophie Kinsella. After quite a long time of making that note, I finally had a chance to read her Undomestic Goddess.
One particular thing that stayed on my mind even after I was done with the book was these lines of hers : 

“There’s no such thing as biggest mistake of your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing ”

The protagonist does what she wants, by not being scared of that being a big mistake or not. Those lines made so much sense for me and have become my take away from the book. 

Here I go , to pick one more from the rest of her lot.

So what have you been reading recently ?

2 thoughts on “My take away

  1. Wish I can share what I have been reading but can’t as I am not making any progress.. Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon.. I will tell you after I finish the book..

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