This Dasara, we had saviours in multiple forms, wanna hear about them ?

So, couple of days back, some sort of cleaning got triggered at home and we were left with the task of disposing them in the correct way. And then came our saviours.

1. Over a period of time, lots of electronic stuff got piled up, an old laptop, mobile phones, chargers, CD players, wires and lots of miscellaneous items. And we didn’t want to dump them in the trash, owing to the environmental concerns. We had been digging the Internet to find a proper contact that could take care of disposing this kind of stuff properly. Sadly, we couldn’t find a single such thing that served our purpose . And then, out of the blue, came our first Saviour, “Croma“, which is tied up with an e-waste disposal organisation. Guys representing Croma circulated a leaflet in the apartment complex, that they would be coming over and collecting e-waste, and would take care of disposing them correctly. Our happiness knew when no bounds, when all the e-waste got transferred from home to the right hands. If you have got any e-waste at your end which you would like to be disposed properly, please visit a Croma store nearby.
2. Next, we had lots of clothes, which we were no longer using. Some didn’t fit us, some we didn’t feel like using any more. When we were trying to find where to dispose these, there came our next Saviour, Goonj. Goonj has organised a drive at V’s office, where people could donate old clothes, utilities and books. We made use of the opportunity and donated all the accumulated clothes. If you have got some such stuff and haven’t yet heard of Goonj, please do make a visit to them.

3. Triggered by this drive, MIL too looked out for old clothes, which can be donated. After a day, she came up with good number of bundles containing clothes for all ages. And then we got stuck there, as V couldn’t carry such big bundles to office and we started looking for alternate sources. And then came our third Saviour, Prayas. They were so good that they offer doorstep services too. We called them up in the morning, and they were at our place, with in few hours and collected all the stuff. If you are in Hyderabad and would like someone to come home and collect, please give them a call and they will take care of the rest.

When something that you don’t need might of a great need to others, correct disposal is the best thing, what do you say ?

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