New love

 On my quest for children book authors of varied genre, with the goal of introducing as much as possible to A, who is currently head over heels in love with Geronimo Stilton, I came across Subhadra Sen Gupta, who writes historical fiction. I heard about her Children’s history of India too and got a chance to look at it on my last trip to a book store. But the thing that held me back from buying it was, it seemed little too big , compared to the ones A is currently reading. I wanted to wait an year or two before putting this before her.

And one day, out of the blue, I came across another book by her at the library, Bishnu the dhobi singer, a Pratham publications one, which was set in the times of Tansen, the great singer at Akbar’s court. This book fit the reading level of books that A is currently on to. Triggered by the awe that I had in me for all that surrounded Mughal empire, induced by Indu Sunderesan’s Taj Trilogy, I placed an order for the book immediately.
I hoped and wished that A would like it, and fortunately she got hooked to it, after the first chapter was done. Both of us enjoyed the book to bits and I found a new love for Subhadra Sen Gupta. 
The writing is beautiful, introduces so many things about those times in an interesting manner, the pictures take you back in time, the glossary at the end is informative, the story line is gripping, the book is perfect to arouse interest towards history.

Although I have visited numerous historical places linked to the Mughal dynasty as a kid, I have been waiting to make a fresh, new visit once again ever since I read the Taj Trilogy. Now, I have got a companion in little A, who is showing equal interest, and we have started bugging V for the same 😊

Can’t wait to try other books of hers !


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