Current crush

 At this phase of life and point of time, do you know what my current crush is ?

Here are some pointers :
It lightens up my mood

It’s something very easy to do

It has been successful in consistently living up to my expectations 

It does not expect too much in return from me

Every one around me too enjoys it 

It makes me feel good about myself 

It is all so colourful and not too gaudy, just the way I want 

Ok, wanna hear it’s name
Here you go, am talking about Aurelia, the brand for women wear !

I have been visiting this store for a couple of years now, and my love for it has been increasing with each visit I make to it. The stores that I visited are small, but the collection they have got is just the perfect one, elegant, colourful, varied, economical. Sometimes they are on sale too, and a real one, and the prices then are too good to believe !
Have you too visited this ? What are your experiences about it ? Do you too have any current crushes ?


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