Koooo chuk chuk

 A family running with bated breath, dad carrying luggage, mom carrying the little one, grandparents running behind
A family paying off the taxi fare and picking up the luggage 

A family debating whether to cross the railway tracks or use the stairs to reach the platform on the other side 

A family waiting over patiently 
People carrying boxes filled with Karachi biscuits 
People everywhere, each with a different style, each there for a different purpose , what a sight to watch !
I was gently reminded of the numerous memories that I had as a little girl, as a growing girl, and as a grown up one, travelling in the trains.
While I was feeling this way, A was totally excited and couldn’t believe herself that she was actually going to travel in a train. Yes, this was her reaction, when we traveled to Bangalore, last month, to attend the house warming ceremony of V’s sister. Yes, this is A’s second travel in a train, after the first one, which she doesn’t even remember, which happened when A was less than 3 yr old, when her aunt got married. 
I didn’t know how I should be reacting to A’s excitement, for this kind of travel was a common thing for me as a child. And the same was so uncommon for A.
I know, I should make some serious attempts to make train journeys happen for A too, so that they get added to her list of sweet memories.
Leaving my task aside, A did enjoy her little journey, and got totally excited about sleeping alone on her berth 😊


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