Earn, spend, all in a day !

A has been attending drawing classes, twice a week , for some time now. Last Saturday, when A went along with V to get some fish for the fish tank, she had a brain wave. She offered to take drawing classes for V, for just 5 rupees a month. They had the agreement sealed.

Next day, she made her father sit down, drew couple of pictures like hut, hat et al, made him draw them, and gave some homework too. A little later, she got us something from the shop down stairs, and asked us if she could keep the change, 5 Rs, as her salary, and we obliged.

And a little later, she went and bought a packet of chips , with her first salary !
And you know what, she shared the fruits of her first salary, one with me and one with her grandmother too 😊
p.s. A is now toying around the idea of charging 5 Rs per class, instead of per month ! Survival tactics, right ? Now, time to see how the father is gonna respond to it !


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