A not so nice day !

I hadn’t hoped my comeback to the blogging world after a long gap would be such a post of cribbing. But unfortunately, it’s happening that way, for I couldn’t find anywhere else to let out .

The day at work started out with a big disappointment. I was totally unprepared for the kind of feedback I received today, after 18 months of work that I had put in. In fact, such was the feedback that I hadn’t received of that kind in all these years of working with different sorts of people. The concept of telling a person about a issue they have got with that person, after 18 months of working, in contrast to telling the person straight away at that moment, didn’t make any sense to me. Now, I don’t even remember what those issues were, to have an introspection. Somehow, this has been such a bad day, that I feel totally lost and unhappiness and disappointment are the only feelings that I feel .
At this point of time, I wonder if I really made a good decision of making this move in my career. I really hope time answers my questions and puts back some sanity in my head.

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