Is that all

Yesterday, after coming back from school, A described us about how a student of their school had fell down unconscious, and how some of their teachers failed to bring him back to consciousnesses and then took to hospital. We ended the discussion by thinking that the kid might not have had his food properly.

Last night, we received a message from the school that the school would be closed today due to the unfortunate death of a student. We realised that this student was the same about whom A had described.

The cause, the reasons, any additional information is not yet known.

Thoughts about anything related to this episode are sending shivers down the spine and I keep thinking if this is all ? How uncertain life is and how trivial our everyday worries are in the face of this uncertainty?

2 thoughts on “Is that all

  1. Incidents like this one are becoming so very common. Recently, we read about a child in Bangalore who just hit one of his/her fingers in a school desk. The school called the child’s parents and the child was taken for surgery to a hospital. The surgery, which was supposed to be a minor one, took hours on end. When the worried parents enquired, the doctor informed them that the kid had slipped into a coma.

    Life is so scary, so uncertain at times. I worry about Bubboo all the time, just for reasons like this. No one is ready to take responsibility – neither the schools nor the society nor the hospitals. Sad.

    • Very true TGND, these incidents are being heard of very often these days. The thought that anything can happen to anyone at any moment, which could be the very next moment, is quite scary.

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