My junior, my model

I have written time and again on this blog, about how much I love ear-rings. I enjoy everything around them, shopping, storing, changing every now and then, re-arranging and sorts, and making them too, which has been added to the list in the recent past. And to my pleasure, A has taken after me in this, as she too shows great interest in ear-rings. Although she hasn’t got many, as silver and gold are the only ones am using for her and no artificial ones yet, and as the ear-piercing has happened quite late for her, she still relishes looking at all her little collection and talks about what all she would like to pick from my collection. Now you could argue that it’s natural for every girl to like ear-rings and what’s different in it to take after me ? But then, it feels nice to think that she has inherited this thing from me, if not anything, so here comes my junior 😊

And since I haven’t started using artificial ones on A, and since am not a big professional sort of crafter, I have been the only consumer of my little experiments with crafting aka quilling. And this afternoon, as I set out to make a pair of quilled ear-rings for me, after a big long break, a change of course has happened. With some pushing from MIL and pleading from A, I agreed for A to try on the artificial ones. And you wouldn’t believe how excited she was the whole afternoon, so much that she was ready to wear them even before the fevicol applied on it dried off. She posed for me with the end- product, before heading off to the drawing class, so here comes my model 😊

So here begins the journey of shopping and sharing and making together 😊

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