I wonder why !

The other day, I was trying to ignite the fire of science in A by reading out a book that was supposed to satiate the curiosity of kids.

I started reading aloud, ” Have you ever wondered why the roses are red and why the milk is white ? ”

To this A shoots back saying, “There are lots of white, yellow and other roses too, and milk becomes red on mixing Rooh Afza, this book looks like a text book and not a story book, so I don’t want to read it ! ”

I wonder why this little girl always comes up with some logic that makes me unanswerable !

This morning, A gets up and suddenly declares in the hall that his dad had ice-cream the previous day. We try to act at our best and deny all accusations, when she presents us with an evidence, the cup that we thrashed off so carelessly 😦

I wonder why the little girl always has to spy on us !

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