That’s how the summer has been going for us !


The latest product that has come out of A’s boredom and creativity is this mini photo album. I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of the album, almost the size of a jack fruit seed, I kept wondering how she could manage finding and pasting such small pictures !!
And, my company has offered the families of employees tickets to watch Jungle Book, and who would miss it ? We loved the movie and I liked the kid a lot. Just before the day of movie, we read a little of Jungle Book book too !


A attended a short 3 day course on glass painting, and here we are, with all those paintings !

And we tried watermelon Popsicles from Rak’s kitchen. While V didn’t like them even with out tasting, we loved them to the core  !


Old tinkles, aging more than 20 years, Roald Dahl books that we had planned to read, Ghachar Ghochar which was translated by my college senior, book by Dale Carnegie have all come out. This book by Dale Carnegie, which got added to my FIL’s collection after he saw it with his father, which wasn’t noticed by me at all in all these years, came out after I attended a training on presentation skills, and realised how his ideas are being used till date even after a hundred years or so.

And here I end the post with a puzzle for you to solve, the puzzle we got yesterday at workplace.

Decode following message

Z5Q8Z6A5Q9 ! Q6Q9Q7 A5Q9Q5 Q5A6A1Q5 Q4Q8A5A6Q5

 Hint: The answer is at your fingertips

Remember that we got this puzzle at workplace as an e-mail .

Have a great weekend and come back with your summer fun and the answer too 😊

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