See those big big ones in the hands of people over there, they are the Himalayan rabbits being offered to tourists for holding and getting photographed, of course for a price ! I was surprised to find a business of this kind.

Spot the lone house on the hill top in the upper part of the photograph ?  It is a common sight to see many such individual houses spread across the hills. And when we were wondering how on earth, people in those houses would access things from outside world every day, we found our answer in the trolley , in the below photograph, which is used to send supplies from below 😊

Bikers seen as above, are seen in big numbers, heading to Manikaran !!

Up, up, we climbed , till we reached the top where there was nothing but snow. And guess what we found there, people selling tea and coffee 😊

Aloe Vera plants in very big sizes, in very big numbers !!

And for the last one I wanted to tell you , I couldn’t take a picture of it, but here is lot of information on it with photos too. We found so many visibility marker balls of this kind, which looked quite interesting !

6 thoughts on “Mishmash 

  1. I am amazed at the size of the rabbits! Why are they looking so tame? Aren’t they supposed to squiggle and squeak when held like that?!

    We saw this kind of animal-photography business in Thailand, too. People in zoos and similar public places raise animals like chimpanzees which hold hands with tourists and sit beside them, for the sake of photographs. 🙂

    OMG at that lonely house and the trolley system! Who sends them supplies from below through the trollies? What if they don’t send the supplies?!

    WOW! at all that snow! I missed it! 😦

    • No idea TGND, but I felt scared to hold them, so didn’t try it. Raising chimpanzees for photographs, OMG 🙂
      There were many such houses, scattered everywhere, wonder how they spend days and nights!!
      Hope the next snow will see you there TGND 😊

  2. I cant imagine living in a lonesome house on a big hill.. but then, it would be very pleasant I guess 🙂 And they do have a cool mechanism to get things transported 🙂 Did you get a photograph with rabbit? 🙂
    I have seen the visibility balls, but not able to recollect where 🙂

    • Imagining sounds cool, but living everyday sounds scary for me, how would I spend the whole day 🙂
      No GB, I was scared to hold the rabbit, I was happy to just look at them 🙂

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