Pet peeves

  • I am in a great hurry to make a phone call and my service provider, Airtel , instead of connecting the call directly, gives me this long automated message about their packages, offers and what not. I really hate it when people force you to listen such things.
  • We get these phone calls from anonymous people, describing someone’s situation as bad, some medical issue or illness, and asking for financial aid. They don’t accept a no as an answer, and start giving you sermons and make you wonder if you really are a bad person and make you feel really guilty.
  • And there are these people in marketing, calling you and forcing you to take a credit card, insurance plan, 3G, personal loan, properly blah blah blah.
  • And there are these auto-rickshaw drivers who sometimes ask double the normal price at normal hours, who tamper the meter so that it runs at the speed of an athlete.
  • And some sales persons at stores, who don’t give you space to have a look at things around and be constantly behind you, urging you to pick something fast

So much for now, can’t remember the rest of the list 🙂

Birth story 

Reading all the posts about birth stories, by everyone in the blogging world, I too have decided to blog the story of A.

I knew just the basics of pregnancy and delivery and did not know much details of it. In the initial days of pregnancy, I tried reading over the net but my doctor advised against it as it had lots of unnecessary information too. So my knowledge didn’t improve much. I used to go to work till a month before the due date and for the last month, I had worked from home. I stopped working from home too about 10 days before the due date. One fine morning, an early morning around 5, I had to get up to pee and felt little different. So I googled it up by opening the laptop, there were no smart phones then. With my limited knowledge, I understood it something as breaking of amniotic fluid and then was about to sleep ( thinking of not disturbing others and informing in the morning ), when V asked me what was happening. I explained him what I understood and he woke up everyone at home instantly. MIL contacted her mother, who used to stay just a floor below ours, and we were asked to call the hospital immediately. The doctor asked us to come and get admitted. After the regular process and all, the team over there tore open and brought A to the world outside, at around 11:01, and the fluid was just about to be over by that time !
That’s how little A entered our lives to make them more beautiful than ever !


Some gestures don’t take much effort from the doer but have a great effect on the receiver. Am talking about the positive ones here. Those simple acts tell that there’s someone out there who cares about you, to whom you mean something.

In the corporate world, the employee works and the employer pays. But when small gestures come in between them, the relationship becomes much more personal, stronger, happier and wonderful. I find such gestures every now and then with my employer. One such thing happened yesterday when I was attending a training at office. The session was for exactly 4 hours and ideally I wouldn’t have expected to be served anything other than the training material and a pen or so. But the table around which we were seated had multiple jars filled with biscuits, bowls filled with toffees, each was given a water bottle, we were served tea and Coke cans and plates filled with plum cakes in the middle of the session. These acts might look very trivial and may not cost much to the company, but that gesture is what seems special and heart warming for me !
V’s company changed their office space recently and moved to a newer one. All the employees were given chocolate boxes, an iPad cover, a laptop case etc. They could have done without gifting those, but those little acts had a profound impact on me. On another occasion, when the employee count reached a particular figure, each one was gifted a big plum cake !
There’s a general store near our place, from where the in-laws have been buying groceries for about more than 15 years. This Diwali, the store owner sent us a surprise sweet packet, a gesture that was very sweet !
Let such warm gestures keep touching me now and then and let me make some more of them towards the wonderful people around me ! Happy living in a happy world !


Has to be done differently with different persons, depending upon what type of person they are, is what I learnt at the training at office today.

It was an interesting session and couple of points from that are :

  • People can be categorised into 4 groups, depending upon how they like to work, with each quadrant of a circle representing Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, DiSC
  • Each variety of persons has got a set of priorities, motivating factors and fears
  • So infer the kind of person you are talking to, communicate in the way that suits them the best
  • Human brain has got 3 parts, upper one called neo cortex, mid brain and hind brain. The upper part has got all the ability to think rationally, the middle one has got all emotions and the rational thinking keeps coming down as the functioning part of brain keeps coming down. What this person says is, “Each type of person has got a set of fears, and when you touch their fears, the part of brain that functions shifts moving down and rational thinking stops and emotions start taking their place”
  • So if you have to sell your point, and have a smooth communication, adapt your communication to the type of person you are speaking to.

Look for more here !

One big embarrassing moment 

Yesterday, I had been to the annual fair, which is very close to the parents’ place, with my brother, SIL, niece and A. We were moving from stall to stall, shopping stuff and munching on street food.

Suddenly a person came to me with 2 little girls and asked “How is V doing ” ? I tried hard to recollect who that was and was thinking of V’s colleagues, my colleagues, his friends, my friends, but couldn’t figure out who it was. Then he asked me if I recognised him and I admitted that I didn’t. Then he just said his name ‘R’ and then it hit me, he was V’s cousin, my FIL’s sister’s son, who stays near by. I felt very very embarrassed, I knew him, met him and all but it has been so many years since I last met him that I forgot his face 😦 And his elder one has grown so big and changed a lot that I couldn’t match her face. And to add to all this, his wife hadn’t come, whose face I remember very well . To make it up, I quickly remembered her name, was 99% sure that the name was correct, and asked if she hadn’t come. Fortunately, the name was right and we chat for a while.

This evening before we returned home, we visited their place with V and chat for a long time, but yesterday was one big embarrassing moment that I can’t forget 😦 


Of the many memories associated with Sankranthi, food memories take a predominant place for me.

Amma makes this crunchy snack every year in huge quantities. We keep eating that for days and days after the festive days. And a chutney too, as a side for the snack. During college days, we used to have a winter vacation and Sankranthi used to fall in this period. After returning to hostel with bags filled with these, we used to munch on them and finish in no time 🙂

Making these laddoos is a big activity , applying oil on the palms and trying to shape them into balls when it is in super hot state. And then after they cool down, we jump onto another task, hitting and breaking them into small pieces, and then gulping down 🙂

These disappear into the mouths of everyone, irrespective of the age, and when it comes to kids, it becomes even more faster 🙂

Some more to add to the list of items to be gorged on 🙂

Budget Mommy

On our trip to Bangalore, we paid a visit to the Itsy Bitsy store for the first time. Shopping online is one thing and shopping in reality is another thing. In the past, we got tempted by browsing through the stuff and shopped multiple things, and this time too, we couldn’t resist ourselves from picking up loads of stuff.

Naturally, A too got attracted to various things and started asking for them. I didn’t object for some, but couldn’t agree for everything she has asked for. There was one such thing that she wanted to pick.

I didn’t want to buy this as I felt it was over-priced, something around 150 bucks if I remember correctly. And as I guess, the contents would be some pre-cut pieces, which would just have to be assembled together. The price didn’t seem reasonable for the kind of activity included. And then the budget mommy in me had a brainwave and persuaded A to give this up, and make one at home, by ourselves from scratch. We bought some glitter foam sheets along with lots of other craft stuff.

After going home, A started the project with her Atta and they together have made this ! (although most part is done by her atta)

I felt quite satisfied by not giving into her request and by making this ourselves at home 🙂

Twelve years ago

On this day, I met V for the first time, at Barista, a coffee shop, in the presence of an uncle (a common friend to both families) and in-laws.

We talked for about an hour, and then I went back to office, and took the biggest decision of my life all alone, and without any hesitation. I called up my parents and said my agreement.

While it took me an hour to come to a decision, V took around 16 days to think, met again and said yes on the 17th day 😀

Ha, men are men, wonder why it takes them so much time ???

Winter delicacy !

Every winter, we keep looking out for mango ginger, which is available only in this season of the year, and catch hold of it as soon as we find them.

MIL prepares this awesome tasting  dish with it. We have this by mixing with hot rice, or as a side with curd rice, or as a side with upma or just anything we feel like.

She removes the skin by scraping slowly with a knife, and then chops them into very thin slices .

And squeezes the juice out of lemons

And the slits the green chilli vertically 

And then mixes salt in the lemon juice, adds the chilli, adds the cut mango ginger, and  leaves the mixture overnight.

And then the rest of the family gorges on it 🙂

p.s. For about 250 g of mango ginger, we used 6 medium sized lemon, adjust salt and chilli as per your personal choice.

One year 

Is what struck me, when I turned on the laptop at office and glanced at today’s date.

Yup, it has been exactly one year that I re-joined this office. Though this company was not new to me with respect to the organisation, everything else was new. The division, the domain, the language, technologies, process everything was totally new. Fortunately, the transition felt much much smoother because of the friends there, the prior familiarity and all. The time just flew by and before I knew, an year went by…

Here I enter the second year, with lots of energy, enthusiasm and aspirations…