Visvesvaraya Museum 

Visvesvaraya Museum is one place, which I feel should be definitely visited, given a chance. I visited this place long long ago, as a kid. But I didn’t  remember much of the place. On our recent trip to Bangalore, we wanted to take A to this place and hoped she would like it. We did take her and as we hoped, we all loved the place. The standards of the museum are quite high, and I was awestruck looking at that stuff. A definitely enjoyed the place, but I don’t think she understood a lot of them. Kids little elder, 10-12 year old ones, would have made the most of it. All those concepts of Physics, which look very vague in terms of definition, looked very simple when explained in practical with things that are used in everyday life. And the best part was that you can try everything hands on…

Some pics from there…

The air craft model  

Lock and pen

Gears, clock and lots more

There were models to explain simple items like lever, fulcrum to complex ones like turbines

Animal power and Windmills

There were lot more things which we couldn’t capture in the photographs, we were just lost in the enormity and beauty of that museum.

And then there’s the classic butterfly concept !

And we are going to definitely go there once again when A gets little bigger, so that I don’t have to explain all that complex stuff 😉 Why bother ourselves when Visvesvaraya is there ??

3 thoughts on “Visvesvaraya Museum 

  1. Its always a pleasure to read such posts which tell about something different. Not many would think a museum could be so futuristic 🙂

  2. Wow! Looks very interesting. It makes me feel bad that we havent visited this museum even after being in Bangalore for all these years. I am going to bug S until he makes a plan 🙂

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