I proposed, God disposed :(

Today, I had planned to start for home from work by 5:30, so that I could reach home by 6. Every thing went in accordance till 5:30, which was when I started for home too. Only I didn’t know then that God had other plans for me !

When I reached midway and fiddled with my hand bag to retrieve the phone and make a call, I realised what those other plans were ! For the first time I forgot my phone at work place, and I couldn’t curse myself more. I hurried back to the work place, hoping that I wouldn’t get too late in reaching home and the phone would stay intact. The saving grace was that the phone stayed in tact and I reached home , not too late, by 6:25, as against the planned 6 !!

Now I know why it’s said, “Man proposes, God disposes ” !

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