It so happened that

On a holiday, that is yesterdayV wanted to cook pulao with Basmati rice…

And so he made this…

And it so happened that the quantity of chopped potatoes became too much for the pulao…

So he used the excess ones and made this curry as a side for the pulao…

And it so happened that after discarding lots of spinach , there was just little left, too little to make a curry of it, so he made this spinach raita as another side for the pulao…

 And it so happened that I got to gorge upon this scrumptious meal for a holiday lunch !


11 thoughts on “It so happened that

  1. Wow! Lucky you! 🙂

    Some days are like that for me too. I make something, something is left over from that and I make something out of that, something from that is left over, and I make something more. Ultimately, I end up spending all of my day in the kitchen. 😛

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