There used to be a couple in our apartments, just opposite our flat, and were quite aged, around 70 and 80 I guess. They had 3 sons , all married and had kids and all, but the couple stayed alone here, just the two of them. One son’s family stayed in an apartment nearby, one in Bangalore and one somewhere else. I don’t know the circumstances or reasons behind the arrangement, but the fact was that the couple, where the husband could hardly hear a thing and manage himself, where the wife has to cook, take care of the husband, were all by themselves. There was an instance where the husband slipped and fell down in the balcony and couldn’t get up to go back into home, and where the wife couldn’t lift him up either. We noticed this when we casually entered our balcony and helped them to get back into the home. The sons used to visit them, but occasionally and the visits used to be very brief.

Couple of months ago, the husband passed away and the entire family  came here, stayed for around 2-3 days and went back to their places. They reappeared for the 11th day formalities and went back again. After some days, the wife left too and I came to know that the new arrangement was, the wife would be staying as a tenant in one of the son’s home, she would have to stay alone in the first floor of an independent bungalow. The son’s family would be on the ground floor, the lady on the first floor, and she would have to pay rent every month. I don’t remember what the arrangement was about cooking.

Am a complete outsider and have no right to comment. But I can’t prevent myself thinking how that wife must be feeling, staying alone at this age and paying rent for her own son’s home, after having giving birth to three sons, taking every little care of them and dedicating all her life to them. Had she known the future, would she have given birth to three sons ? Is money more powerful than the human emotions ?

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