Nandi Hills

Is one of the places that’s talked about by everyone, who lives in or near Bangalore.

So we made use of the chance, on our Bangalore visit, to explore this place. We deviated a little on our return journey and headed to this place and we were glad that we did it. The route was simple and not too steep. We couldn’t make out for the sun rise, but we reached there around half past seven. It was horribly cold and we didn’t let go of our dear jackets even for a second and basked in the little sun wherever it shone.

The zig zag map to the destination 

The entrance !

The place was quite scenic and worth a quick visit for a couple of hours.

We had a look at the Tipu Sultan’s summer lodge too, which is not in a great shape though.

The temple there was very old, some hundreds of years, but the place had its own tranquility and charm

The nursery and the waters…

  Some snaps that I liked most !

4 thoughts on “Nandi Hills

  1. I clearly remember our trip to Nandi Hills.. I was up by 3 and we started by 4 with a very grumpy S.. happens when he misses his sleep. It was our first year with our new car. We reached by 5.30 and had to wait before the gates were open. There is one very steep curve to the entrance and due to the traffic and fog, S couldnt accelerate enough to climb the peak and our car was stuck in between hundred other cars, seriously honking. It was super scary but rest of the trip was great 🙂
    Lovely pictures, FV – especially the last ones.

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