‘Maybe:’, the pleasant intelligence !

I missed a call this afternoon, which  was from a local landline and the number was one which had not been saved as a contact in my phone. I knew the number well because that was the office number of my old employer and the friend there calls me from that number. But since it was not her personal number, I never bothered to save. 

But the thing that I got attracted to was, that the number was displayed with some additional information ‘Maybe: <Caller’s name>’. Intrigued, I looked for information on this and this is what I found over Google.

When an unknown person (or bot) calls, the OS searches through your email for names that might be associated with the phone number calling. When it finds a possible match, it says “Maybe [person’s name]” underneath the phone number on the screen.

Isn’t this intelligence a pleasant one 🙂

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