Dr.Seuss !

I never read Dr.Seuss books as a kid, or let me put it this way, I never knew such a person even existed , let alone read his books. The first time I laid my hands on a Dr. Seuss book was , when I flew with British Airways with A , and they have very kindly presented a kit for kids, which included one of the great person’s books. I was quite amused by that book, but didn’t read much of his books later on, as A wasn’t much into reading at that time. Slowly, reading to A became a habit and his books became a part of our reading. The more we are reading them, the more am becoming a fan of his.

His books have got all the imagination required for a kid, the abundance of knowledge, the presence of some lovely message in every book, the rhyming enough to hold a kid’s attention, the super-duper words that make one smile all through !

Who cares about not being able to read his works as a kid, when I have got all the time with me now, to read along with my little one !

Sleep Book was our book for today !

2 thoughts on “Dr.Seuss !

  1. I totally agree with you FV. I have read quite many children’s books in the last couple of years and I am still catching up on everything I missed out reading as kid 😀 So cheers!

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