A peek into a fish’s world

Ever since we got a fish-tank at home, V has been studying extensively about fish, their needs, their behaviour and all and has been bestowing upon the rest of the family, his acquired knowledge !

So here are some things that I learnt from him :

  • The size of the stomach of a fish is of the size of its eye, bear this in mind while feeding. Over dosage will lead them to hurt others in absence of food
  • Fish staying near the surface of water signify the dearth of oxygen in water. Break the top layer using bubble maker or something of that sort
  • Oxygen stays for longer time in water with lower temperatures
  • When refilling with fresh water without cleaning the entire setup, place a plate at the bottom and pour water on it so that top layer breaks increasing the oxygen flow and not disturbing the waste at the bottom
  • Place some objects where they can go back and hide as they seem to like it
  • Place the fish along with the cover containing water (store bought fish) in the fish-tank with water so that the temperatures get aligned, and then only transfer the fish into the fish tank at home

So much for now, this is all what I remember 🙂

What are your experiences in this regard ? Any tips or interesting facts ?

4 thoughts on “A peek into a fish’s world

  1. I love fish tank too. It was the first ever gift from S to me.. when we were in college days. Though I love fish, I cant handle the cleaning or touch them. So dad used to clean the tank. Th fish never survived chennai summer. Sigh. When we got married, during the first year S got another fish tank and we had a couple of golden fishes. They stayed for just about a year – wat with our frequent travel and all that. I am too disheartened to have a fish tank anymore. May be some day I will.

    Loved reading about fish – the only pet that I am not scared of. Thanks for sharing FV 🙂

  2. we had the privilege to babysit a fish when our neighbors went on one month vacation.. I learned that the most important is to not have shock in water while changing water.It is better to get running water into a container, let it sit overnight and then slowly pour in into fish tank without much disturbance..
    Keeping same water from store also I have heard. This hold true for plants too. they say plant the roots along with the soil from store bought packet..

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