Colours of jewellery are appreciated, blackbeads are specially chosen, colours of clothes, furniture, automobiles, gadgets and et al are enjoyed by everyone. Colours exist in flowers, fruits, grains, and in every possible thing that I can think of ! 

When colours can exist in everything around us and can be appreciated, why can’t the same rule apply for the human race ?

Why is it that the fair skin is talked about as a big virtue and a darker skin is considered a minus ?

And why should the colour of skin affect one’s confidence levels ?

Creams can exist to cleanse, moisten and nourish the skin, but changing the colour of skin, doesn’t it imply changing the very identity of a person?

My vague thoughts , while enroute to work, on seeing the hoarding that advertises to make the skin 4 times fairer or whatever !

I wish there’s something that could ban such things !

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