You know it’s summer


When the refrigerator is filled with ice candy


When the mornings, that usually involve the regular breakfast and lunch preparation, are concentrated on making caramel pudding 


When the games Monopoly, Twister and what not seem to be put to proper use


When you get to try out new dishes


When mangoes and other snacks are splurged on


When ice-cream becomes a regular thing at home

6 thoughts on “You know it’s summer

    • Thanks TGND πŸ™‚

      Tutorials is too big a word for these. Even am not aware of how caramel pudding is made from scratch, I have used this some ‘Five star’ brand’s caramel pudding vanilla flavoured pack, which was just mixing the packet ingredients with milk and boiling and pouring into moulds.

      And for the ice candy, we have got moulds at home, we mix water and sugar free tablets and very little flavouring agent (classic brand) and then freeze them.

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