Saree Saga !

My new workplace, which in actuality is my first and old workplace, has got a very less female count, which has been the norm ever since I know the place. So it’s quite natural that anything that’s done by this gender is inevitably noticed by everyone. In the first few days of my re-joining, I was having a conversation with a colleague and he pointed out that whenever my friend N wears a saree to the workplace, people start pondering about which festival marks that day.

True to his statement, I have been seeing her wear sarees on Sivarathri, SriramaNavami and so on. And then I saw her in a saree again and tried to recollect which festival it was. Failing to reach an answer, I asked her and the answer I got was “sister’s birthday”  😊

And then I landed up in a similar situation after a couple of days and this time the answer was “pinni’s birthday” (mother’s sister is pinni) 😊

Today the same situation arose and I asked her “whose birthday “, to which the reply came “Hanuman’s birthday” 😊

Now, I am literally inspired by this, if life really is a celebration, why not celebrate everyone’s birthday 😊

Am quite tempted to dust my wardrobe of sarees and bring them into light !

6 thoughts on “Saree Saga !

  1. I hardly take out my sarees anymore. Only once so far I have wore saree to office and that was too much to handle. Like you said, life is really a celebration and we should celebrate every single day 🙂

    • I can understand, but it might get easier to handle if we do it a couple of times.

      Even I had been putting it off all these days but now it’s high time I start a change 🙂

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