International Day Of Happiness

Is the speciality of today and I got to know about it just this morning. And from that moment, the thought of posting something on those lines has been lingering on my mind, only that I wasn’t sure of what to post and how my definition of happiness should be put into words.

This was what made its entry at home by the time I was back in the evening !

“Am not sure if this is a dream or reality Amma, Fishes were part of me only in my dreams, now I can’t believe it has become real “, is what was A’s reaction to this.

If things so small can make her so happy, I guess the definition of my happiness should also be so simple !

Here’s wishing everyone very very happy times ahead 🙂

6 thoughts on “International Day Of Happiness

    • Thanks TGND :).
      Actually, my FIL used to have around 8-9 fish tanks when he was young, and when V was young also, they maintained a bigger one than the one we bought yesterday. So with all that experience in the background , the decision became a simple one for me 🙂

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