Trip to Konaseema

Having not had a proper vacation for close to an year, not wanting to waste A’s Christmas holidays, not wanting to spend too much on the flight travel, wanting to quench V’s thirst for long drives et al, we took a trip to Konaseema last week, all the five of us, covering close to eleven hundred kilometres, back and forth, in the car, with V and FIL taking turns in driving . We stayed at Palavelli Resorts, which is quite good in terms of spacious and well-maintained rooms, beautiful landscape and gardens, good food and hospitable staff.


The resort we stayed at…


At the resort…


At night…

The whole of Konaseema that we covered can be described as an amalgamation of coconut trees, coconuts, paddy fields, banana trees and tractors.




Roadside food in the mornings…

From Antarvedi, we took a boat ride to an island where one side of it was the river and another side was the sea, still water on one side and tides on the other side, mud cum sand under your feet, which was simply awesome. At that point of time, we were the only people on that island making it more beautiful !


The island that seemed a private island with just us !

To top this all, A had been a very obedient child all through the drive, never complaining about the duration, given her usual nature of wanting to reach the destination immediately upon getting into the car.

My only regrets were that we couldn’t get any merchandise representing the local area. Excepting that, it was a memorable trip !

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