The big flop show :(

Confession : First things first, let me tell you that am very very poor at creating stories to be narrated to kids.

That being said , here was how our conversation went the other day, between A and me, while putting her to sleep.

I had to break our usual routine of reading out a story book at bedtime, the reason which I don’t remember now, and A insisted on hearing a story which she has never heard so far. That did not leave me with many options and I took on the task of creating a story , with much reluctance.

After pondering for less than 2 minutes, beyond which my mind was not cooperating to work further, I came up with this.

“There was once a forest which was inhabited by lots of animals, ducks, squirrels, elephants, deers, tortoises, blah blah blah. And all of them used to spend their day happily, moving about, building their nice cute homes, gathering food for themselves blah blah blah, working hard blah blah blah. But there was one particular animal, rabbit, which was not working at all.”

The little lady interrupts now saying “I know, the grasshopper has become rabbit, and the ant has become all the other animals. Now winter is going to come ”

I resume ” No baby, not winter but hunter comes trying to attack these animals. Since all the other animals have worked hard in building their home, they are well protected from the hunter except the poor rabbit. The rabbit, now worried, runs here and there for help, and finally is offered help by a tortoise. The hunter, unable to get any animal, retreats, and all the animals , including rabbit, now continue to work hard for themselves.”

Both of us laughed at my poor story and went off to sleep, and this was the story of my big flop show πŸ™‚

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