Having read…

The beautiful book “Palace of Illusions” put me in a blissful state.

For the great epic Mahabharata , which was introduced to me in the childhood in lots of tiny pieces through story books and serials and movies came in a single piece, right from the celibacy oath of Bheeshma to the birth of Parikshit. It was a great delight to read the different episodes that spanned quite a few generations or lifetimes. The thoughts and feelings of Draupadi, who thinks like any girl next door, and how her life transforms with each incident, are beautifully narrated. How things, which she could never even dream of happening, take place and how she takes different roles from a little girl to a grandmother, how she fights the feelings within her, how the things that seemed so important at one point of time seem nothing at another point, and so many other things just took me into a different world. The philosophy of why to grieve when the soul is just changing bodies the way we change clothes, sounded so true and so simple , except that the attachments in reality are too strong to be overcome and I realised that the wisdom is too strong to be gained with just a single book. The characters, each who lived for a different purpose as love , friendship , faith , honour, destiny , revenge , and ended up in the end, made a distinct mark in my mind as I read through the book. All in all the book started , continued and ended in a nice way.

p.s. This is my reading of an e-book after a long time and although the reading has been a pleasant experience, I couldn’t help but feel to hold a paper back rather than this. But this had one big advantage that I didn’t have to explicitly use a bookmark and I could read it anywhere and everywhere, even in the absence of a proper light.

6 thoughts on “Having read…

  1. I must be the only person in India who doesn’t know much about the Ramayana or the Mahabharata. I didn’t watch the shows as a kid, or read the books either. I think this book would be a good introduction, right?

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