The love resurfaces….

With a bang !

Long long ago, to be precise, a decade ago, the story starts with a marriage. Soon after the post-marriage events, the girl enters her home to be, with packed bags and a much apprehensive mind, accompanied by her brother and in-laws. Of all the things or places that could be shown or introduced to the newest additions to the family, the boy chooses his Bose speakers, an English movie DVD that could do some justice to the speakers, and plays them as the first thing of the family / home to be introduced. The girl is in a state of confusion unaware of the boy’s penchant for the speakers. Over the years, the girl fathoms the boy’s passion for them but the speakers take a back seat as life unfolds with new stuff, new responsibilities and new blah blah.
Until, the long lost love decides to resurface itself, only in a new form !

The girl, who was once a confused soul , now welcomes the love of her other half, with a smile from the heart !

Mornings that were calm are now filled with music everywhere , thanks to this which made its entry at home over the weekend !


Photo Courtesy : GStyleMagazine

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