Titbits of A in our lives !

Breakfast time just before heading to school :

A keeps talking and V reminds her to chew the food in her mouth to which the little lady answers, “We should not chew when we are talking”. She has conveniently transformed our original rule “We should not talk when we are chewing”


A casual talk between MIL and me as to whether to discard or keep for future probable use, the decorated empty card board box which originally contained dry fruits:

A comes to us and asks “Are you going to keep it or shall I take it ?”
A does not need to be offered, she only demands !


For the recitation competition at school, A’s teacher suggests her to practise some facial expressions also. Very enthusiastically, I give her a demo putting all my skills into use.

She interrupts me in the middle and imitates me and says “you don’t have to do that for every word and line twisting all your face, we just need some expressions in between “.

I think she has come to know the difference between action and over action !


While I dress up A for the school :

A says “you are making me look like Snow White ”

Confirming that I haven’t applied too much of powder on her face, I ask her why she feels so and she points me to the collar of the shirt which I have raised up to place the ID card beneath it.

Ah, I never ever paid so much of attention to how the collar of Snow White looks !

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