The thing which took us 6.5 years to do

Was this



Yes, you saw it right and read it right.

We took 6.5 years to get A’s ears pierced and got them done only this Saturday ! We were supposed to be done with this job when she was 9 months old, but missed it as she was unwell with chicken pox. And once we missed the schedule, we tried to let go off every opportunity as we were scared. Yes, you read it right again. We were literally scared of her crying, of the wound it may leave, of the after-effects, of everything. Sometimes I was scared and sometimes it was V. We even took a poll sometimes at the household about who was for it and who was against it and then dropped the job as majority was against it. She grew up, changed schools, relatives kept asking, neighbours kept asking and even A started asking for them ! For the family occasions, we somehow managed with artificial ear rings that can stay put by pressing . And when the pressure mounted, more from A’s side, we finally took the step and got them done by a gun shot at a parlour close to home and it was done in less than 6.5 minutes . Whoa, it was so easy and simple and here we were, who waited so long πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “The thing which took us 6.5 years to do

  1. Yes, its not as scary as it sounds but let me tell you a secret. You waited for 6.5 years and I got my own ears pierced when I completed my 18th due to some ritual in my family:-D

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