A’s peek into Mythology

Last week I was trying to engage A and chose to tell her the story of Ganesha. This was how our conversation went.

Me : Ganesha’s mother Paravati devi goes to bath asking Ganesha to watch over for her. And when Shiva comes home and Ganesha doesn’t let him in, Shiva beheads him and….
A : So is Shiva bad, killing his son?
Me : ( Realizing that little more prologue is needed ) Actually Parvati devi makes an idol and then since she has got powers, puts life into it and that’s how Ganesha comes into being and becomes their son. Since Shiva is not aware of all this, he gets into a debate with Ganesha and beheads unknowingly.
A : Oh, ok
Me : And then the soldiers go and find an elephant’s head and fix it for Ganesha….. And then when Ganesha eats too much on his birthday and walks back home with great difficulty, moon laughs at Ganesha and his tummy breaks. Parvati devi gets angry with this and puts a curse that whoever sees moon on Ganesha’s birthday will get scolded for no mistakes of theirs…
A : Why should others be punished if moon has done a mistake?
Me :  ( Hmmm, not knowing the exact logic behind this  :s ) Anyway, Parvati changes her curse at the end as good people should not get scolded
A : Ok
Me : One day when Krishna goes to the balcony on Ganesha’s birthday, he sees a reflection of the moon in his glass of milk and…
A : How can he see the reflection of moon when the milk is white?
Me : ( A valid question, isn’t it ?  ) Hmmm, I don’t know. Anyway, since he sees the moon, he gets scolded although he hasn’t done any mistake. So everyone goes and requests Parvati devi to solve their problem. And then she modifies the curse by saying that whoever listens to this story and takes the blessings on Ganesha’s birthday will be fine inspite of seeing the moon.
A : Is this all true?
Me : I don’t know. This is a story people keep telling
A : Ayyo 😦 Parvati devi has removed the curse now, otherwise I would have checked it by looking at moon
Me : 😮

6 thoughts on “A’s peek into Mythology

  1. DS

    It is nice. But I do not know how to react . Is she travelling in family tradition !!!!

    K Rajeswara Rao Sent from my iPad.. iOS 7.1.2


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