During a casual talk with a colleague, whose kid studies in the same class as mine, but in a different school, I come to know that the dates for olympiad exams have been announced and interested children of that kid’s school were asked to pay 220 bucks for each exam. ( The surprise that hit me when I learnt that there were so many olympiad exams Maths, English, Science, Cyber 😮 as against my earlier knowledge of one and only maths olympiad is a totally different thing!  ) Co-incidentally, the same evening, A brings her school diary with a note listing the same exams and dates, but different prices, as in 120 bucks for the exam fee and 60 bucks for the material. Next day when I ask the said colleague, I was informed that their kid’s school is not going to provide any material. So that comes to 120 vs 220. I was totally surprised at the huge difference in pricing, considering how many students of how many classes of how many batches would be taking part in this !

p.s. On an entirely different note, A asked me about those kids who would not be taking those exams and I told her that they can stay at home, if not interested. She chose to be in the latter category without pondering for a second, Hai na Bindaas Baby 🙂

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