Women Safety

Last Friday exposed me to some worthy tips at a seminar on Women Safety. Few snippets listed below :

# Fight your strength to the attacker’s weakness
# Paanch ka Punch, different ways to fight back
    Eye gouge
    Ear Slap
    Throat Squeeze
    Nose Punch
    Groin Kick
# The point is about escaping and not winning
# Keep chilli powder, safety pins and small retractable blades handy
# Above all, use your presence of mind

2 thoughts on “Women Safety

  1. The last point is something to remember all the time. I too keep hearing a lot about women safety. My only concern is, at the time of the need will I remember any of this? Sigh.

    • I know, its tough to even imagine about such situations. I just pray and wish that no one ever has to face such times…

      On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Just bliss and little more! wrote:


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