Fire aur safety ka gyaan

A fire and safety session was conducted at work place today and it looked quite informative. So here go some snippets :

# Fire – fuel + oxygen + heat
# Smoke and panic cause more damage than the fire itself
# 100 – police, 101 – fire, 102 – ambulance, 103 – traffic police are the emergency numbers and work from anywhere, even without a coin
# Buses are supposed to have fire extinguishers and have to be maintained properly, which doesn’t happen usually in India
# Volvo bus drivers are required to have a Volvo license, which is a separate type of license in itself
# Buses travelling for a distance more than 500 kms should have a co-driver, to be used in shifts
# Carrying a hammer while travelling in a bus is a safety measure
# Trains have got 4 normal exits + 4 emergency exits in a sleeper coach
# To stop the train in case of fire, and when pulling the chain doesn’t work out, reach out to people who can do that, the incharge of the pantry has got a walkie-talkie who can communicate to the driver, or in the absence of pantry, the person responsible for delivering food has got one, or the attendant of an AC coach has got one
# Refrigerator should not be present inside the kitchen, for the sparks that come out of it because of the compressor can cause a fire when there is a gas leak in cases of not turning it off after use
# In case of fire at home, evacuate people at home and immediately close the doors to cut the flow of oxygen to stop the fire
# If a pan is on fire in kitchen, do not panic and cover it with a lid to put it off
# Emergency doors do not have stoppers, to prevent the oxygen from getting in and expanding the fire
# Use stairs to get out of a building and always hold the railings to get down, so that fire brigde gets ample space to move up
# To rescue a person on fire, use a blanket, cover him from the back, roll him down and do not remove the blanket immediately as you will remove the skin by doing so. Just uncover the face to let the oxygen and use cool water in the time the ambulance comes
# When you are on fire, stop, drop down, close eyes and roll on the floor
# There are 4 kinds of fuel A, B, C, D representing solid, liquid, gas and metals that are combustible. Fire extinguishers display a label with these letters, specifying the kind of fires that can be extinguished with them
# PASS – pull out, aim the fire, squeeze and sweep – the way to use a fire extinguisher
# A pressure guage is present at the top with a needle and a green dot in between  two red dots, If the needle is pointing to the green dot, there’s sufficient pressure inside to be used, if its pointing to the red present on the left of the green, the pressure inside is high, so use it at a distance and if its pointing to the other red dot, the pressure is low and is of no use
# Fire extinguishers are of any use only within 3 minutes from the time fire has started, beyond that the fire becomes big to be handled by other means


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