Times change…

There were times, not long back, when V

Was against buying Barbie or the likes
Was cautious in buying mostly only gender-neutral toys
Was not much interested in getting all the girly play-pretend stuff
Had even suggested near and dear to refrain from gifting such

Now are the times when V

Had himself extensively searched the shops to get a Barbie as her birthday gift
Had his cousins gift her dolls and their accessories
Keeps watching the little one play for hours and hours with these
Has himself proposed to get more such stuff on her completion of first class and this doll house comes home that way šŸ™‚


I see quite a change in V in this aspect and looks like the little one has changed the perception / fears / anxieties / thinking of her dad šŸ™‚

Times keep changing and I guess that’s the only thing that is constant šŸ™‚


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