1 2 3 4 and 5

Curious George got introduced to us, including A, as a soft toy, when she was less than an year old and she seemed to like it from the instant she saw it. She liked it so much that she played with it all day long, carried it wherever she went, cuddled it, bit it, fed it and it was always by her side when she slept. She even used to grope for it in the midst of her sleep, such was her attachment. The attachment grew more and more over a period of time and the soft toy had become a not-so-soft one. So we thought it would be better to get her a new one. So one day, when the little girl was fast asleep, in goes the old one and the new one joins her side.

And the saga continues till date, different members of the family at different times feel that its time for a new one, so the new ones keep coming in while the old ones keep going into hiding without A having any knowledge of it. It has been little more than 5 years since the first one made its entry at home and there have been 5 entries so far 🙂

Sometimes I wonder if the little girl is more crazy about the Curious George or the family is more crazy about the little girl 🙂


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