Those times when I go mute

A : Amma, we will be going up when we grow older than Naanamma, right?
Me : …..
A : How do you think we will be going up?
Me : …..
A : I think we may be going by rockets
Me : (smiling inwardly)
A : or some white ribbon might be hanging down from the sky to which we would be holding onto


A gives her Thatha 3 tamarind seeds, the end-product of what she had eaten at school. When he is about to discard them off, she stops him saying that she needs them to plant trees.

Thatha : But we don’t have any place to plant them
A : Lets plant them in our new bungalow (she keeps dreaming about having a big bungalow of which I do not have the faintest idea )
Thatha : But that’s too far in time
A : ok, I will give it to ammamma and ask her to plant one in the left, one in the right and one at the back of their place

Now its the turn of her Thatha to go speechless  !


A : amma, why do we exist, why did God make us all?
Me : …..
A : may be, he got bored alone, so made us all and everything around us, and now he’s watching us like a movie
Me : …..


I just wish the question bank becomes a little easy on me šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Those times when I go mute

  1. I loved the questions and the innocence all at once šŸ™‚ Why do we stop being like this? I love posts like these…. there is some charm and no matter how many times and how many children you come across with their questions, you can’t stop being amazed! Enjoy this phase totally šŸ™‚

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